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I Have a Dream Mural

The I Have a Dream Mural is one of the city’s most famous murals on the street; providing a glimpse into Sydney’s vibrant art culture, particularly in the suburb of Newtown, where it is among other incredible works of street art.

This section of public visual art is every art lover’s dream come true, thanks to the diversity of works that range from murals to figurative designs and abstract works.

I Have A Dream Mural Painting / Art Piece Address, Newtown Sydney

The ‘I Have a Dream’ Mural stands out for many reasons – most of all because its name rings true with the words of Martin Luther King Junior, a renowned activist for the Civil Rights Movement in the USA. The mural, which is on King Street in Newtown, was created in August of 1991 by Andrew Aiken and Juilee Pryor.

The unique thing about this duo is that they completed the mural in just two nights. Having been denied permission to paint the mural twice, the two decided to go ahead and do it; starting the project on a Friday night and finishing the next. On completion, the duo remarked that the mural was indeed incredible, and thought of it as a gift to the locals of Newtown.

A closer look at the mural reveals that it captures three key themes in the 20th century, perhaps a key reflection of the man who inspired the mural, King. The three themes are environmental activism, civil rights and gender equality.

The mural’s historical and aesthetic properties have made it a significant icon of social heritage in Sydney, so much so that the mural was heritage listed to protect it for posterity’s sake. For an authentic piece that continues to draw visitors from all over the city, this mural has become the glorious work with which Newtown is associated with.

The I Have a Dream Mural is located at 295 King Street and is a thought-provoking work of art in the heart of the inner west. An unmissable attraction for those travelling through the area.

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