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Heathcote National Park

Heathcote National Park is an easy-to-access park located south of Sydney; about 35 kilometres from the CBD. The expansive 6,620-acre national park is a popular attraction for nature lovers in search of an outdoor experience.

There are many activities for you to enjoy in the park.

Heathcote National Park, Camping, Entrance, Walks, Hikes & Trail Map

Start with an outdoor picnic at the Kingfisher Pool picnic area located near the campsite of the same name. This is an idyllic spot to enjoy picnicking, swimming, birdwatching and bushwalking. Picnic tables are available for you to enjoy after an energetic bushwalk. Remember to carry a hat, some sunscreen, and drinking water too.

Take on the challenge at the Bullawarring walking track and push the limits with an early morning hike. The walk is 5.5 kilometres one way, so it is certainly not for the faint of heart. Entry is free, and visitors are advised to carry suitable clothing for this outdoor adventure. You may also need a pair of binoculars if you are an avid birdwatcher.

The Mooray walking track is also a jewel within this park, and one of the best places to enjoy a day of bushwalking. This walk is easily accessible from the Waterfall train station and is a 5-kilometre stretch. From this trail, you get to enjoy the sheer diversity of Sydney’s amazing landscapes that are a reward for the grade 4 walk. This trail is best suited for experienced bushwalkers.

There is no shortage of places to stay at Heathcote National Park. The Kingfisher Pool campground is a peaceful site where self-sufficient campers can pitch their tents and wake up to the sounds of chirping birds. The secluded sites have picnic tables and toilets for convenience. This is a remote campground, so it is best to arrive well-prepared.

Lake Eckersley Campground is also worth checking for outdoor enthusiasts. This site fits up to 6 campers and is also ideal for bushwalking and swimming.

Whatever you do, don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy everything that Heathcote National Park has to offer. The park is open from sunrise to sunset and entry is free.

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