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Global Gallery

Global Gallery is one of the most expansive galleries in Paddington; one that’s known for hosting exhibitions by different artists from across the globe. This innovative exhibition space provides a platform for artists to showcase their works.

Art lovers will appreciate the effort put into running this fantastic gallery. The works exhibited on location are varied to reflect the different types of arts produced by its various artists.

Global Gallery, Comber Street Studios Address & Hours, Paddington

Whether you love paintings, or are enthusiastic about photography and are looking to get your creative juices flowing, Global Gallery always has something for everyone. Printmaking is also a work of art showcased at the gallery.

One of the most appealing aspects of exhibitions held here is that the whole space is divided into multiple sections so that different artists can exhibit all at the same time. Additionally, new exhibitions are held bimonthly, giving both locals and visitors a chance to enjoy Sydney’s art scene. This is an idyllic location to enjoy high-quality, contemporary art and culture in Australia.

In addition to regular events at the gallery, look out for specific afternoons when visitors get to meet and greet different artists whose works are on display. This is an exciting platform to interact with the people behind some of the beautiful pieces on exhibition at the gallery.

There is also an extensive stockroom onsite; one that is available for viewing alongside independent consulting for interested parties. Space is open for exhibitions, as well as event hire in case anyone needs a unique space to hold their next function.

Having created a niche for itself in the field of art and contemporary work, Global Gallery is a gem worth visiting while in Sydney. The gallery is located on Comber Street in Paddington and is open from Tuesday to Saturday between 11am and 6pm.

Visit this unique space and learn more about the forms of art that have encouraged dialogue between Australia and other global contemporaries.

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