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Frenchmans Bay

Frenchmans Bay is a beautiful destination located in Botany Bay at the far end of La Perouse. This small bay leads up to the eastern end of Botany Bay and lies near Little Bay and Phillip Bay.

Frenchman’s location right opposite the Port Botany Container Terminal makes it the perfect spot to unwind.

Frenchmans Bay Swimming Beach & Reserve La Perouse, Sydney NSW

Start the adventure at the beach and enjoy the pristine sands as the kids play in the shallow waters. The beach is protected, so there are no big waves, making it perfect for snorkelling and swimming. Container ships arrive and depart regularly at the bay, which makes for excellent viewing. In the distance, there are also planes taking off from the nearby airport; nothing beats the sight of these big birds as they land.

A short distance from the beach at Frenchmans Bay, there are grassy sections where families can sit to enjoy a picnic. Solo travellers can always enjoy a good read with beautiful views of the bay area. Additional amenities include a free electric BBQ, a small playground, shaded areas, as well as washroom facilities.

Across the road, are some cafes and shops. For those interested in the rich history of the bay area, there are great antiques and artefacts available at the La Perouse Museum and Visitor Centre. The museum remains open from 10am to 4pm.

The beach at Frenchmans Bay is a family friendly location, so it is important to note that dogs, alcohol and glass bottles are prohibited when visiting. Additionally, the beach is not patrolled by lifeguards, so it is wise to exercise caution. As a general rule, it is advisable to avoid swimming during heavy rains or in the 24 hours after that, as runoff water easily pollutes the water.

Frenchmans Bay has something to offer for everyone, so make plans for a vacation or long weekend. Entry is free for all.

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