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Forest Path

Forest Path

Forest Path is an easy walk that cuts across the Royal National Park, with some of the best views of the verdant surroundings. This scenic walk takes you through the park, allowing you to enjoy the various plants, flowers and birdlife.

For a path that was first opened to the public in 1887, this trail is a favourite for many first time visitors.

Forest Path Walks & Hiking Loop Track Map, Royal National Park NSW

For an outdoor lover, this circular walking track is ideal for the whole family and caters for walkers at different fitness levels. The kids will especially enjoy scurrying along the path with all the stunning features of this magnificent rainforest around them.

The path, which is a 4.5-kilometre circuit, can be completed between an hour and two hours depending on your fitness level. For families looking forward to a day out of town, there is the option of enjoying a picnic along the way. Bola Creek Picnic Area is a must-visit while at the forest. Enjoy having lunch against the background of the chirping birds and cascading waters.

Start the walk past the stone gates located on Sir Bertram Stevens Drive – also the entry point that leads to Lady Carrington Drive. Walking along the path leads you across the slopes of Forest Island. This is one of the most adventurous parts of the walk as it allows panoramic views of the hill area which is set apart by Hacking River. If you are curious to explore, you can always walk to Bola Creek.

Towering eucalyptus trees, casuarinas and dense cabbage tree palms are also found in abundance along the walk. Nature enthusiasts should also be able to spot the beautiful Gymea lilies whose flowering phase during winter brings the rainforest to life with their vibrant colours.

If you are looking for a more extended adventure, head up to the Couranga walking track that links up with Forest Path. The path can be accessed all year long and is open between 7am and 8:30pm. Entry is free for visitors on foot, but it costs $12 for each car. Dogs and cycling are not permitted.

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