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Circular Quay Station

Circular Quay Station

Circular Quay Station is a famous landmark in Sydney, and for a good reason. The heritage-listed rail station provides train services to the Circular Quay region within the CBD.

Its cultural significance has made it one of the most iconic places to visit when exploring Sydney, primarily because its historical past can be traced back to a period when the station served as a centralised harbour for the settlers who called the area home.

Circular Quay Station Sydney, Railway, Train Map, Shops & Hotels

At the time, the station was connected to the outer world by shipping. In the years that followed, the commuter wharves overshadowed the commercial wharves, marking the humble beginnings of the region as an important transport hub. The area is today, home to both ferry and train services.

Circular Quay Station has a central concourse on the ground floor, and it also features elevated platforms for an array of services. The views from the second level make for an excellent backdrop. Look out for the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the easily distinguishable Customs House.

A stroll around the station takes you through different open galleries, certainly a plus for art lovers exploring the city’s vibrant culture. You will also notice that the station has two key facades: the north-facing and south-facing facades. The difference between the two is that the northern facade features polished tiles made of granite, while the south-facing one includes polished granite and sandstone.

The different station platforms are easily accessible for all, thanks to escalators, lifts and stairs, which connect the ground floor to the elevated platforms. Other amenities at Circular Quay Station include food outlets, public toilets, as well as retail shops.

In addition to train services to different parts of the city, the station also provides additional transport links. Some Sydney Buses take different routes, with other ferry services are available at the Circular Quay Wharf, with popular operators such as Sydney Ferries, Manly Fast Ferry, as well as Captain Cook Cruises.

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