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aMBUSH Gallery
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aMBUSH Gallery

aMBUSH Gallery is a multi-award winning gallery that seeks to provide a platform for Australian artists looking to showcase their works.

There is no better place to explore creative exhibitions than by spending some time at the gallery during your visit to Sydney.

aMBUSH Art Gallery, Wedding, Venue Hire & Opening Hours, Sydney

aMBUSH Gallery offers art lovers an opportunity to experience the diversity and dynamism of contemporary art.

Some of the projects that have been held at the gallery in recent times include ‘Paste for Peace’, ‘Harmony Art Collective’, ‘Sign of The Times’ and ‘Art for the Streets’. The gallery is ever-evolving, and visitors can come back time and time again to experience the new exhibitions held throughout the year.

aMBUSH Gallery is inclusive of an outdoor public art space in the CBD, as well as a gallery in Waterloo. There is always a calendar offering free events throughout the year, as well as an art market is known as ‘OPEN UP’.

aMBUSH Gallery is open Thursday to Sunday, 12-4pm during exhibitions.

4a James St
Waterloo, NSW

Opening Hours
Fri - Sun: 12pm - 4pm

Only when an exhibition is showing

Phone Number
(02) 8399 0707

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What is the aMBUSH Gallery address?
What is the aMBUSH Gallery address?
What are the aMBUSH Gallery opening hours?
Fri - Sun: 12pm - 4pm

Only when an exhibition is showing

Please visit our website for more information on the aMBUSH Gallery.
What is the aMBUSH Gallery phone number?
What is the aMBUSH Gallery email address?

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