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Allianz Stadium
Allianz Stadium

Allianz Stadium

Allianz Stadium is one of the city’s most famous football stadiums, also called the Sydney Football Stadium.

Built in 1988, Allianz Stadium is the city’s premier rugby and soccer venue. Some of the most notable teams in Sydney play here, and It is also the primary venue for the National Rugby League (NRL).

Allianz Stadium, Parking, Capacity, Seating Plan & Rows Map, Sydney NSW

Before it was built, main events in the city’s sporting calendar were held at the nearby Sydney Cricket Ground as this was the largest stadium of its kind at the time. However, this had to change as the field was not well suited for sports that require a rectangular field. This need saw the opening of the Allianz Stadium in 1988.

Since it was opened, the stadium has been the home ground for the Sydney Roosters. In addition to this, it has hosted many sporting games and has large attendance records. For this reason, the stadium is an iconic part of the city and a favourite for sports fans.

The stadium has also hosted Rugby World Cup matches over the years and many concerts by global music icons, including Coldplay, Taylor Swift, One Direction, and Eminem.

One of the most impressive things about Allianz Stadium for corporate travellers is the availability of hospitality packs that allow businesses to be part of this phenomenal sporting precinct in the heart of Sydney. Packages include Private Suites, the Premier Club, and the Diamond Lounge.

Individuals can also sign up for a membership to get the most out of Allianz Stadium. Depending on your membership, you can get the best seats at both Allianz and the historic Sydney Cricket Ground. Other perks for members include access to the well-equipped Fitness Centre and the Azure Cafe.

Allianz Stadium is easily accessible by car, public transport, and walking from the CBD. The closest train station is Central Station, which is only a few minutes away. On event days, express shuttles are available from Central Station to Moore Park.

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