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If you are a runner and are wondering where the best spots to run in Sydney are, look no further than a guided running tour. These tours will take you to all the best running spots in Sydney as well as take you past many of the famous landmarks.

Explore the streets of Sydney with a running tour which will orient you to the city and its many landmarks. You will all meet at a central location and will be led by a local running guide who will set the pace.

Sydney Guided City & Scenic Running Tours, NSW

Start the day in style with Sydney Running Tours. This tour operator brings together the diverse knowledge of the city and the passion for running to make for a great adventure. Best of all, there are different routes to choose from with the option of a customised program to suit your needs.

Some of the packages offered by Sydney Running Tours include the Sydney Sightrunning, which allows for social mingling, running and sightseeing, as well as private Sydney sightrunning. The latter is suited for those who want to run at their pace and features a local guide who is knowledgeable of the city’s attractions. The availability of a coastal version allows visitors to experience the magical coastlines and stunning beaches.

Run and See Sydney is another operator that offers excellent running tours in the city. There are three different packages to choose from, including the Story of Sydney, the Bondi and Beaches Tour as well as the Harbour Sights Tour.

The Story of Sydney tour is recommended for those who would like to learn about the city’s meteoric growth to be one of the most iconic destinations globally. The Harbour Sights Tour, on the other hand, is ideal for beginners looking to see some of the city’s most popular attractions. Lastly, Bondi and Beaches Tour is suitable for those who would love to step out of the urban jungle and into the country’s peculiar beach culture.

Morning and afternoon tours are available, so pick one to suit your running style. These tours suit all runners from beginners to advanced, and there is a limit of 10 runners per group. Runs can vary with some hilly terrain, so challenge yourself by taking a running tour of Sydney today!

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