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Jet Fighter

Jet Fighter flights are the perfect activity for adventure-seekers touring Sydney. There are many options of tours available, and prices vary depending on flight duration and the type of plane you choose.

Start with Air Combat, a premier company which takes great pride in being the country’s leader for jet fighter experiences. Here, the pricing for jet fighter rides is set in 5-minute intervals. The minimum time for the packages is 15 minutes in the air. Typically, the rides last 15, 20, 25 and 30 minutes, with the option of 60-minute tours available on request.

Sydney Jet Fighter Flights, Aerial Joy & Thrill Ride Experience, NSW

These jet fighter flights are available from Camden Airport in Sydney, with the added advantage of the country’s top pilots taking you for a spin.

Visit Jet Flight to enjoy top rides and become a fighter pilot for the day. These flights allow you to tick off items from your bucket list with one of Sydney’s most notable companies. The sheer joy of ripping across the skies in a military L-39, complete with loops and rolls is the ultimate adventure. With Jet Flight tours, you have the opportunity to visit The Hunter Valley and enjoy the spectacular views.

JetRide is also a company worth checking out, one which is known for operating the modern L39 Albatros. This plane is the country’s fastest ride, so it is easy to see why it is a favourite for visitors. Get the chance to enjoy air combat manoeuvres, rolls and loops. Flight rates begin at $1400, and these make for a great gift too.

It is essential to mention that you need to dress appropriately, preferably with comfortable shoes – no high heels. Age and weight limits may also apply. Check with individual operators for tour conditions. The operators provide you with a full flight suit and a helmet to ensure your safety during the jet fighter rides.

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