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History Tours

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There are a few history tours located in and around Sydney, with experienced guides to provide commentary during your trip.

The city was named in honour of Lord Sydney, who was at the time the British Home Secretary following the arrival of the First Fleet in Australia.

Sydney The Rocks, Harbour & Colonial History Walking Tours

One of the most important things regarding these history tours is that a good number of them are closely intertwined with the culture of the Aboriginal people. To immerse yourself into the culture of the Aboriginal people, take on The Rocks Dreaming Aboriginal Heritage Tour – one of the most invigorating history tours in the city. This 90-minute walk is led by an Aboriginal guide who is knowledgeable in the history and heritage of the people.

For a city with a rich colonial past, nothing beats history tours that educate you on the settlement and colonisation of Sydney. Start with The Rocks Walking Tour, which has a team of friendly guides and enthusiastic locals; this tour promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Make sure you take a tour of the Museum of Sydney during your stay. This museum was once the official residence of the then Governor. Today, it is one of the few remaining colonial-era structures and the oldest of its kind across the country. Look out for a series of events and exhibitions held on location as the museum seeks to interpret the historical significance of the museum.

If you have always wondered what convict life was like in Sydney’s past, then you will love the city’s numerous historical attractions. These include the iconic Hyde Park Barracks Museum within the CBD, the serene Cockatoo Island near the Harbour, as well as the Old Government House. Other idyllic places for a history tour include Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, Cadman’s Cottage, as well as Pyrmont Point Park.

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