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Nsw Open Golf Championship

NSW Open Golf Championship

The NSW Open Golf Championship showcases the best golfers in Australasia, with the historic event tracing its roots back to 1931 – even before the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built!

Interested players may enter as many tournaments as they’d like to take advantage of several opportunities to qualify.

NSW Open Golf Championship 2023 Dates, Schedule, Program, Sydney

The tournament is decided based on four rounds or 72 holes. Should there be a tie for the first place, a play-off will be determined unless otherwise specified by the managing committee. All participating golfers are required to have their own caddy, and both are mandated to follow the dress code detailed in the Membership Regulations Handbook.

Spectators will be given access to the fairways where they can walk with the players provided that all instructions are followed: silence is necessary. However, spectators will be asked to stay outside roped areas for certain holes for safety. Mobile phones need to be put on silent or turned off while on the course, but taking photos with your phone will be allowed. Spectators requiring medical attention should get in touch with the Tournament Administration.

The very first event took place at the Manly Golf Club, played with a closed format, which means that only New South Wales residents could join. By 1958, it finally became an open event, which attracted the finest golf players throughout the country. Today, the tournament became one of the three biggest golf championships in Australia next to the Australian PGA Championship and the Australian Open. The elite golfers who have participated in past NSW Open Golf Championship tournaments include Greg Norman, Kel Nagle, Norman Von Nida, and Frank Phillips.

The championships are a full-day event, running from 7am to 5pm. The selected golf course for the event changes often, with recent locations including Twin Creeks, Stonecutters Ridge, and Castle Hill.

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