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Volleyfest is an annual Australian volleyball event that takes place over 10 days in March at Manly Beach.

It is the premier event of Australian beach volleyball and has been recognised for creating a platform that supports athletes as they compete for other events around the globe.

Volleyfest 2021, Manly Beach Dates, Schedule, Times & Program, Sydney

Spectators come to witness local and international teams compete in a series of tournaments, with the three main events being the highlights and the finals are played on the very last day. Some of the world’s best volleyball teams fly to Australia to compete in this exciting festival.

The audience is diverse and includes volleyball fans, families with kids, and just about anyone looking for a relaxing day to soak up the sun while enjoying some beach volleyball. The surrounding area features several entertainment options, and those coming on holiday can enjoy the hotels, restaurants, and cafes nearby.

Other highlights at Volleyfest include celebrity matches, live music, DJ’s, and giveaways. Food and beverage stands will be available on-site serving up delicious treats for spectators.

Manly is easily accessible via public transportation, which is encouraged, as car parks in the area are limited in capacity. Keep in mind that heavy traffic is expected as you approach Manly Beach, so plan your travel time accordingly.

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