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Taste of Taiwan

Taste of Taiwan is a food festival celebrating Taiwanese cuisine, culture, art, and lifestyle. The family-friendly event assigns a new theme each year, all of which showcase the unique and traditional aspects of Taiwanese culture.

Gastronomic highlights at the event are the spicy hotpot, gua bao, and oyster omelette to name a few; many of which are created by guest chefs who have been flown in from Taiwan. For those with a sweet tooth, don’t miss out the bubble tea and traditional Taiwanese dessert stations. Eat all you can at the seafood buffet. Other activities also include film screenings, tea ceremonies, art and culture workshops, performances by Taiwanese artists, martial arts, and puppet shows. Previous cultural exhibits and performances include the Zhuang Fu Buddha carving, paper art, candy blowing, Taiwanese acrobatics, Indigenous arts, and more. Kids and adults alike are encouraged to try the games and craft stalls. The event is organized by the Taiwan Festival Committee Incorporated, a non-profit organization formed by Sydney’s Taiwanese community.

Taste of Taiwan is held over two days in September at the Shangri-La on the Rocks, 176 Cumberland Street, Sydney. Ticket prices range from $55 for lunch and dinners to $85 for the buffet.

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