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St Albans Writers’ Festival

The St Albans Writers’ Festival is an intimate celebration of writers and literature held in the small, historic village of St Albans. It aims to unite writers from across the country for an artistic weekend retreat.

The festival attracts top Australian writers and many Hawkesbury locals for a warm exchange of ideas, stories, career advice and inspiration. It celebrates writing from all genres and brings entertainment, culture, diversity, and the sharing of knowledge in the picturesque surrounds of  St Albans.

With talks on offer by several renowned authors, aspiring writers of all ages are encouraged to attend. Several workshops are there to help writers improve their craft and connect with likeminded individuals.

The festival happens over two days and two evenings. Space and accommodation in this small village is fairly limited so the vent has a capacity for up to 350 people to attend. You can buy tickets just for specific festival events or you can buy all day or all weekend passes. Check out the festival program for event so that you don’t miss out on anything you want to attend or any writers that you want to meet.

Be aware that there’s no mobile phone coverage on St Albans. It truly is a place where you can get away from it all and recharge your batteries. That’s part of the area’s charm and what makes it an ideal setting for a writers’ festival.

St Albans is located on the Macdonald River about 94 kilometres north-west of the Sydney CBD. By road, you can get there via the M2 or Old Northern Rd and you’ll need to catch Wisemans Ferry as well.
The St. Albans Writers’ Festival is an annual literary event that takes place each September in the historical Hawkesbury River Basin. The intimate festival is open to anyone who loves reading and writing.

The festival serves as a platform for emerging and professional writers alike to commune and dialogue throughout the weekend. The programs cover crime, fiction, social commentary, history, politics, art, travel writing, and food. Among the highlights are the opportunities to share a coffee with your favorite local writers and expanding your literary network. Hugh MacKay, Tom Keneally, Melina Marchetta, Nikki Gemmell, Caroline Baum and Stan Grant are among the famous writers who have joined the festivities in the past.

There are three main venues for the event; in recent years it was held at St. Albans Church, the Gabrielle Marquee, and the Ian Marquee. An opening night party will take place on the Saturday night of the weekend, plus loads of books will be sold. Aspiring writers always look forward to the writing workshops by notable authors. Other activities include book signings, book launches, short story readings around a camp fire, as well as lunches and dinners.

Weekend and weekday passes will be available, and it’s now required for attendees to opt in or opt out of event attendance. Tickets for the St. Albans Writers’ Festival is limited, so make sure to get yours today. Aside from ticket costs, there is an added fee to attend the workshops and dinners. Visitors may choose to attend just one day or stay for the entire weekend. Those staying the weekend can book at various accommodations located in St. Albans.

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