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Skepticon is an annual two-day festival that’s held at the Recital Hall in the city each year. The event doubles as the national convention of the Australian Skeptics Association.

This festival is a skeptics’ paradise where you can hear some of the biggest names in local and international science debunk fake science, fear-mongering and alternative facts that seem to bombard us in the modern media age.

The presenters at Skepticon use their ‘BS’ detector skills to discuss, debate and tear down many of the theories and ‘facts’ that many of us take as gospel. They highlight the damaging effects of pseudoscience in engaging and thought-provoking presentations that are guaranteed to make you skeptical of some of the things you’ve previously been told (or have assumed) were true. They also attempt to explain paranormal activity using evidence and scientific knowledge.

Skepticon can be thought of as the place where conventional wisdom is challenged. It’s suitable for anyone who doesn’t always believe what they see and hear. If that’s you, you’ll find plenty of like-minded individuals at Skepticon and you’ll be able to discuss and debate with them to your heart’s content.

At the very least, you’ll hear some very interesting discussions that might give you an alternative viewpoint. And you might develop your own critical thinking skills so that your own ‘BS’ detector allows you the freedom to make up your own mind on a range of contemporary issues.

The Recital Hall is just 800 metres from the centre of Sydney via Elizabeth and Hunter Streets. Public transport is your best bet to avoid the inner-city traffic.

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