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Pachamama Festival

The Pachamama Festival is a celebration of Latin American and indigenous cultures in Sydney. The event seeks to create awareness of cultural connections to the sky and the land by bringing together storytellers and artists.

There are several main events during the festival. These include film screenings, live music, the spoken word, yarn circles, and virtual reality film experiences. The unique films and activities focus on topics such as ecology, the night sky, stories from the local elders, traditional chocolate making, sustainable arts, and other creative subjects to celebrate the diverse cultures in Australia. The cost is purely by donation, and the kids’ workshops are free of charge. There is a small fee to watch the films and other workshops curated for adult attendees.

Pachamama Festival takes place at the Addison Road Community Centre, located at 142 Addison Road, Marrickville, New South Wales. The program of events changes yearly, so be sure to read up on next year’s schedule.

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