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PacFest and Fomuda Festival

The PacFest and Fomuda Festival is an annual school cultural celebration. Over 30 primary schools and high schools participate in the event, which features over 200 musicians and 800 performers from all over Sydney.

The festival started in 2014 with the participation of just 8 schools, and to date, it’s grown much bigger in size. It was conceptualized by the High School Community Liaison Officers and various youth workers. More importantly, the event has a significant impact on the youth by increasing school inclusion and improving the achievements of indigenous and multicultural high school students in Sydney. The event is a platform to spread the message to young people that everyone is unique and part of a great cultural community.

PacFest and Fomuda Festival features multicultural performances including song and dance from all around the globe. A full day of international cuisine is prepared for all attendees to partake in.

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