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Mov’In Bed

Mov’in Bed is Australia’s first and only cinema where you can watch your favourite movie outdoors and in the comfort of a cosy bed!

Have you ever been to the cinema and wished you were watching the movie in the comfort of your own bed? Well, this is as close as you will get to the ultimate in comfort while watching a movie.

Mov’In Bed Sydney 2022 Dates, Movies & Program, Moore Park

Take part in experiencing the picturesque sounds and sights of the outdoor cinema, watching one of the old classics or the latest blockbuster release under the stars in Moore Park. Watching a movie outdoors is a great way to see a film; the calm dark sky is the perfect backdrop to the silver screen.

Instead of just a picnic rug and bean bag, Mov’in Bed goes to the next level to make the outdoor cinema are a more exclusive experience. Mov’in Bed offers 150 queen size beds with LED-lit bedside tables, cosy pillows and a comfy blanket in case it gets too fresh outside.

Mov’in bed was launched in 2016 and sold out in two weeks. Mov’in bed won Concrete Playgrounds best new event award in December 2016 and was titled one of the 5 best Cinema experience in the world. The movie lineup is a mix multi-award International Movies, the latest Blockbusters, Disney classics, Japanese Animations and Horror movie nights. There is something to suit everyone’s cinematic tastes in the diverse program!

Feeling hungry? Aside from the traditional lollies and popcorn, there is also the option to have gourmet foods delivered right to your bedside table! The beds can fit up to three people each, and there is also the option to BYO picnic rug and sit on the grass in the designated picnic area.

Seasons and sessions are limited, so be sure to book your ticket in advance so you don’t miss out on this unique experience.

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