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Deepavali Fair

The Deepavali Fair is one of the biggest festivals of the Indian community in Australia. Deepavali, which means festival of lights, is an important occasion for the Hindus and is celebrated throughout the world for three days beginning on the 13th day of the dark new moon night in the lunar month known as Kartik. To the Hindus, it is a celebration of good winning over evil; it is a symbol of hope, renewed friendships, religious tolerance, peace, harmony, and the joys of life.

Also known as Diwali, this important Hindu event entails the lighting and flickering of oil lamps. The Hindu community worships Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, during this occasion. Families also celebrate the New Year after Lakshmi Puja by dressing up in all new clothing, donning jewellery, and visiting friends and family.

The festivities are planned by the Hindu Council of Australia in cooperation with other groups, with various cultural events happening at Martin Place, Parramatta Park, and other venues around Sydney including Harris Park, which is known as Little India. The events are well-attended by the community not only for its religious significance but because it has something to offer for attendees of all ages. There are Bollywood performances, henna tattoos, trade shows, bazaars, food vendors, and competitions to look forward to. Parliamentary guests and members of the community also conduct inspiring speeches during the event.

Entrance to most of the cultural events for the Deepavali Fair is free. It’s open not just to the Indian community but to all Australians who are proud of the multicultural society and who are fascinated by Indian traditions, culture, cuisine, and art.

Parramatta Park is located on the western side of the Parramatta CBD. It’s a quick walk from both Westmead and Parramatta railway stations as well as the Rivercat terminal. If you are getting here on foot, it’s recommended to start from Pitt, O’Connell, Macquarie, or George Street from the east. From the west, take Park Avenue and Queens Road or the Great Western Highway from the south. Martin Place Social is well-connected to various public transportation options. You can opt for one of the major bus routes serving Martin Place, including George Street, Castlereagh Street, and Elizabeth Street. Additionally, there is a railway station for Martin Place underground.

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