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Crab Carnival

Crab Carnival

The Crab Festival is a unique gastronomic event in Sydney, where everyone is invited to get messy as you dine on your favourite crustaceans.

Held each year for around a month, the festival is organized by The Morrison, a bar and oyster restaurant located at 225 George Street.

Crab Carnival 2023 The Morrison, Dates, Prices, Menu & Program, Sydney

Virtually everything you can possibly create with crabs is served up during the festival. The crab-inspired menu includes cocktails, crab mac n’ cheese, creamy crab knuckle pies, and more crab dishes from east to west.

For many, the highlight of the festival is the steaming hot pot which is made from Alaskan king crab legs, whole blue swimmer crab, chicken, and chorizo. Don’t miss out on the signature mud crab dish paired with hot sauce and coriander.

Crab dishes will be sold at bargain prices never seen anywhere else in Sydney, as well as $1 oyster hours on select days of the week. The crab menu is complemented by a well-thought-out selection of drinks, such as gin cocktails, craft beers, and sangria among others.

The affair has been curated by Chef Sean Connelly for several years now, and it’s a well-attended event so it’s recommended to book a seat at the Morrison. Be sure to check out the weekday specials that any crustacean lover will appreciate: Steam Pot Nights, Muddy Madness, Oyster Hours, and Seabrews and Crabbytails.

For reservations, email or call The Morrison; they accept reservations online for 1 up to 10 guests. Should your preferred time for lunch or dinner be unavailable or you’re trying to reserve for a group of over 10, it’s best to contact the restaurant directly.

Patrons should also take note that reservations provide you with a seating area in the main restaurant. Dining reservations for the Parlour Burger are only for walk-in guests. Additionally, the restaurant doesn’t accept reservations for certain specials such as the $1 Oyster Hour. The Morrison is open for dinner at 6pm – 9pm.

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