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Campbelltown Christmas Carols

The Campbelltown Christmas Carols is an annual carolling event that takes place in the Campbelltown Stadium every first Saturday of December, although it was originally held in the Campbelltown Arts Centre. The one-day only family friendly event is free to attend, with all welcome to participate.

The festivities take place outdoors, and attendees are advised to bring a picnic blanket. It features live bands by local performers, firework shows, choirs, and a visit from Santa Claus. Instrumental and choir performances of well-loved Christmas classics will be played. There is no need to book tickets in advance or register, as it’s open for all. The carols are performed during the evening between 6 and 9PM, but visitors are invited to come early.

The Campbelltown Christmas Carols is an alcohol and drug free event. A council information and lost children’s tent is put up each year; attendees are welcome to approach them for assistance or questions about the event. A first-aid team will be on-site for any emergencies. There is no need to bring in food and drink, as the event organizers will be arranging stalls for the duration of the event.

The Campbelltown Stadium is located at Pembroke Rd. & Rose Payten Drive, Leumeah, New South Wales. Parking is available at either side of the railway line, providing quick access to the stadium through the pedestrian bridge for those coming from the western car park.

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