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Big Dance

Big Dance is the world’s largest celebration of dance. The event was established in London back in 2006, and in 2014 it landed on Australia’s shores. Since then, the biennial dances have been performed at various locations throughout the country.

Past Big Dance events in Sydney have taken place at the iconic Sydney Opera House, Port Macquarie, and at the Cathedral Square. The one-day only event takes place in the afternoons, with a line-up featuring talks by industry leaders, film shorts, and Big Dance celebrations and performances.

The highlight of the event is the unique choreography, which is created in such a way that individuals of all abilities and ages can learn them. Reputable choreographers including Frances Rings and Craig Barry work together with established composers to plan the dances, which last just five minutes long, making it easy to learn with just a few sessions. Everyone is welcome to join the Ausdance workshops held on days leading up to the main event, both of which are completely free of charge. For teachers interested in bringing students along, take note that the participants and shows are divided into colours which will require advance registration. It is also recommended that a senior student, parent, or teacher leads each coloured group. For individuals and groups who are unable to attend the workshops, there are online tutorials supplied on the website.

Some of the dance events are held at exactly the same time as others around Australia, which means that participants can dance in sync. Live streaming details will be announced closer to the event. All the dances that take place before and during the event will be recorded and included in a special video created at the end of each year.

On the day of Big Dance, there is no need to print a confirmation email as the event organizers strive to be environmentally sustainable. Upon arrival at the registration desk, all that’s needed is to provide your name.

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