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Bastille Day Celebration

Bastille Day is what English-speaking countries call the annual French National Day in July.

It commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution with the Storming of Bastille in 1789. It’s a day of paying tribute, but it’s also a day of celebration!

Experience the enchanting lifestyle and culture of France at the Bastille Day Celebration ins Sydney. Held in the historic Rocks precinct, this event attracts both the French community and France enthusiasts from all across Australia. Indulge in delicious French food and wine at one of the event’s many bars and eateries. Enjoy entertainment such as live music performances, cabaret and cancan shows, dances and DJ sets from a range of artists. Visit the Cheese Dome, Le Cinema, or the Holiday Inn for an immersive and authentic French experience.

Take one of the Wine and Cheese Feast Master classes and journey through the best wine regions in France. The classes include long tables topped with seven French wines, a variety of French cheeses and freshly baked bread. If you’re looking for something sweeter, look no further than Sydney’s most authentic French crepes.

Don’t miss celebrating the French National Day this year. Tickets normally sell out fast, so get in early. And don’t forget: the dress code for this event is anything in the traditional French colours of red, white and blue!

With the Rocks being just one kilometre from Sydney’s busy CBD, public transport is your best option for getting there. Regular bus, train and ferry services are available that will drop you off within walking distance.


The Bastille Day Celebration in Sydney is a celebration of the French National Day, which takes place each year around July 14th. The festivities usually last all week long, and the event is well attended by the French community as well as locals.

The official venue and event slogan changes annually, but it’s not uncommon to see the French flag proudly displayed in many areas in the Sydney CBD. In 2018, the festival was held at the Circular Quay from July 12-15.

Festival goers look forward to the abundance of French cuisine, wine, and cheese during the festival, which is organized by the Alliance Française de Sydney. There are dozens of gastronomic delights to partake of, including wine bars, beer gardens, champagne, French craft beer, ciders, rose, cheese tasting, raclette, French onion soup, gnocchis, tipple, and more. Expect only authentic French food found in over a hundred stalls, so it’s no surprise that foodies and Francophiles alike flock to the event for its culinary aspect. After all, food is an integral part of French culture.

The event features French shops and vendors as well, selling a wide range of gifts and souvenirs such as artisanal creations, olive oil, jewellery from Paris, table cloths, art prints, French knives, furniture, candles, foie gras, crepes, waffles, and saucisson. Cabarets, circus acts, DJs, French film screenings, live music, and street performances add to the vibrant atmosphere throughout the Bastille Day Celebration, making it a true fusion of food, art, and music while immersing yourself in another culture without leaving home.

Since the festivities offer a wide range of food and experiences to try, it’s recommended to plan your trip ahead of time. The event venues are accessible by boat, bus, train, and foot; but with so much to see, you’ll want to have an itinerary to make the most out of your Bastille Day Celebration.

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