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Australian Surf Rowers League Open

The Australian Surf Rowers League Open is a major surfboat rowing competition in Australia.  The first open was held in 1997 in Terrigal, and today there are several divisions for both men and women of all ages to compete in various beaches near Sydney.

The event organizers, the Australian Surf Rowers League, was established in 1992 in New South Wales with the intention of supporting the development of the national surfboat competition in both the elite and grassroots levels.

Aside from the surf rowing competition, the three-day event will feature expert commentary, beach interviews, and panel discussion. There will be a lot of educational opportunities during the competition for individuals who are interested to learn more about the surf sport.

Spectators should take note that there may be unforeseen changes to the programme of events. The nature of surf rowing as a sport is dependent largely on how the surf behaves, and this will have an impact on the sessions and events during the Australian Surf Rowers League Open. Provided the surf forecast remains good throughout the event, the sessions will continue through the finals.

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