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Australian Junior Surfing Titles


You can expect days of spectacular action at the annual, week-long Australian Junior Surfing Titles. Bring your family and friends along and witness some of the nation’s most promising young surfers.

The aim of the event is to give junior surfers the opportunity to showcase their skills to the public in friendly contest. With several age and school surfing team divisions at the titles, there’s sure to be a wide range of talent to see.

Quarter and semi-final stages are held across all age divisions. Overall winners will ensure their automatic selection for the Australian Junior Team which will go on to compete at the World Junior Titles.

Past winners at the Australian Junior Surfing Titles include future world senior champions like Mick Fanning, Steph Gilmore, Joel Parkinson, Tom Carroll, Mark Richards, Damian Hardman and Chelsea Hedges.

Don’t miss out on seeing this year’s Australian Junior Champions crowned at the Australian Junior Surfing Titles. Get out for a relaxing day under the sun and perch yourself right on sand for the perfect view. You may even want to bring a picnic basket with you, as you won’t want to miss any of the action. Make sure you also bring some sunscreen. Best of all, the event is free!

The Australian Junior Surfing Titles is one of the major surfing events in Australia. Each year, surfers from around the country come to Sydney’s Culburra Beach to participate in the week-long event.

The competition times are set at 7:30AM through 4PM every day. Each year, varying states participate in the competition for Junior Surfing Titles under the 14, 16, and 18-year-old categories for both girls and boys divisions. The Australian Junior Surfing Titles is considered a major benchmark for surfing in this category in the country; winners get to participate in the Australian Junior Surf Team of the ISA World Junior Surfing Championships.

Past winners of the Australian Junior Surfing Titles include famous world champions Chelsea Hedges, Steph Gilmore, Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning, Tom Carroll, Mark Richards, and Damian Hardman. Evident in their success, winners of this event are propelled to the glory of the world surfing stage.

Culburra Beach is a popular, wave-rich area just two and a half hours’ drive from Sydney. The seaside town also offers fishing and recreational activities for visitors. The family-friendly facilities at the beach include cafes and restaurants as well as public restrooms. There are affordable beach houses for rent in the area for those who’d like to stay for the duration of the competition. To get here from Sydney, drive through Princes Highway and go south until you reach Nowra. Turn left on Greenwell Point Rd, followed by Pyree Lane which will then turn into Culburra Road. Spectators who aren’t bringing their own vehicles may opt for one of the car rental companies available in Culburra.

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