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Clyde Bank

Clyde Bank is a grand mansion whose rich history makes it one of Sydney’s must-see attractions. The mansion was built in the early 19th century and stands strong today having undergone renovations over time to retain its charm.

This elegant villa from the colonial era is conveniently on the heritage walk that introduces visitors to Sydney’s sights and sounds.

Clyde Bank Colonial Georgian Villa, Address & Hours, The Rocks, Sydney

In its prime, the facility had different buildings surrounding the main villa. These buildings include the coach house, kitchen, rear wing, as well as the link structure. The kitchen and the rear wing were demolished but have since been reconstructed.

Clyde Bank is the perfect example of 19th-century architecture. This architectural style, referred to as Old Colonial Regency Style, is the hallmark of this magnificent house.

The upper-floors boast of neat brickwork, while the basement consists of rough, coarse stone – as was the norm during that era. The ground floor has a unique finish that’s different from the rest of the house, as its surfaces are rich in gloss, making it difficult to deface the property.

Inside, the building is separated into bays using pane windows and French timber doors. These pane windows were introduced at a later stage since many houses during the colonial era used shutters. In addition to this, four chimneys have been arranged along Clyde Bank’s perimeter.

The link building, also in the Georgian style, connects to the main villa on the side, as well as the stone garage building within the facility. Both buildings are in line with the Colonial Regency style used during construction.

The most important thing to note is that the building has retained much of its original elements and intricate detailing. This grand mansion is also home to the Clyde Bank Museum that houses extensive collections; including cedar furniture, early art in Australia, as well as unique ceramics and other artefacts.

Clyde Bank is within easy reach of the Sydney CBD.

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