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Black Eye Gallery
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Black Eye Gallery

The Black Eye Gallery is a contemporary gallery that showcases the best of modern photography in all its forms.

This iconic gallery not only represents locally established artists, but it also embraces emerging artists whose talent the world is waiting to see.

Black Eye Art & Photography Gallery, Address & Opening Hours, Sydney

One of the unique things about this gallery is that it also has in stock publications made by some of the country’s award-winning photographers. This is indeed a magical place for art lovers who appreciate photography as a form of art.

The gallery holds amazing and thought-provoking exhibitions whose profound messages are nothing short of amazing. Sample the ‘Transgendering with Venus Virgin Tomarz;’ a recent surreal exhibition that tells the story of equality and its place in the future. In a sense, this exhibition draws from the classic approach, ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus’.

Some of the notable exhibitions at the gallery include George Schwartz, Lumina and Kate Balls. Lumina is a collection of award-winning photographs taken by talented photographers with a bias in documentaries, and which captures the essence of Australian collectives.

George Schwartz, on the other hand, explores the quintessential human experience with themes that touch on life, death and beyond. The most captivating bit about this exhibition is its surreal ability to blur the lines between real life and art. The Kate Balls exhibition, on the other hand, is an austere collection of elegant works that immortalize time and space while showcasing the remarkable beauty of the Argentinian landscape. This is undoubtedly one for nature-lovers.

Some of the artists whose works are worth checking out at the gallery include Tom Evangelidis, Gary Heery, Toby Burrows, and Eden Diebel among others. Robert Ashton’s work will also be worth your while at Black Eye, so make sure to enjoy the vibrant display of artistic talent whenever you visit the gallery.

This delightfully designed space is located on 3/138 Darlinghurst Road; close to Kings Cross and Oxford Street.

3/138 Darlinghurst Rd
Darlinghurst, NSW

Operating Hours
No Hours Listed

0411 874 673


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